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My First Winter Workshops

Calvin Lee | 02/26/20

Since Agg1 was in town last year, I didn’t get the benefit of experiencing the IMAA Winter Workshops in its entirety. As I reflect back on my first experience of being involved with the IMAA Winter Workshops as Executive Director, I can’t help but to recognize all of the efforts that go into making this event a great success. This includes the efforts of the IMAA staff as well as all of the member participation and involvement such as their willingness to help with the identification and alignment of quality speakers and in some cases serving as speakers themselves.

While reflecting I also recognized the great value that the trade show adds to the entire scheme. It not only provides opportunity for our associate members to share face to face time with producer members but it also serves as a gathering place for our members  to rekindle old friendships and relationships as well as create some new ones. The networking and engagement opportunities that attending the entire winter workshops provide is beyond measure and should be recognized as such.

The execution of the entire three days was remarkable and resembled a well oiled machine especially when you look at the line up of board and committee meetings that are held on Monday. To say that this provides an opportunity to maximize the benefit of having everyone at one place, would be an under statement.  The coordination of the many breakout session held on the other days was no menial task either.

Being involved with the IMAA Winter Workshops and the opportunity to spend time with so many of our members allowed me to better recognize the fortune that we all share to be in such a great industry with so many great people. As we look forward to many more years of this event I would like to encourage the leaders of our member organizations to embrace the opportunity for you and your team to be involved in such a great event and make it a priority in your annual plans.

Thank you and congratulations to all who played a role in the success of the IMAA 2020 Winter Workshops. I’ll see you there next year.

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